Dear Sir:

Thank you for your inquiry. The Diva 39 is the best selling yacht over 37 feet in the world. Crafted in the fine tradition of Swedish yacht building, every detail has been carefully planned to create a workaable, livable,more efficient boat.

Designed for the reuqirements of the sea, the Diva 39 coordinates light displacement, a high ballast ratio, and slender beam to provide stunning performance with easily manageable sails.

Single-handed sailing efficiency is achieved with a self-tacking jib and by leading all controls aft in the cockpit. More efficient sailing also means reduced winch loads and smaller winches even with a sail plan that is very generous.

The Diva 39's light air performance will significantly expand your sailing time with her low wetted surface, light displacement, and tall fractional rig. In heavy air and seas, the high ballast ratio and slender form slice through seas providing a pleasant day sail.

The Diva 39 is slender and efficient. Her accomodations and pricing are in the 33- to 36-foot range. She is a high performance yacht your family and friends will enjoy spending time aboard.


Terrance L. Smith
Director, U.S. Operations


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